Some of the nice things people have had to say about our work:

American Cousins

American Cousins is a real charmer. Gangsters, Scotland, fish suppers and automatic weapons, sweetly undeclared love… It sounds like Bill Forsyth territory but with more gumption and less whimsy. Well-paced, atmospheric, immensely likeable.

Financial Times

Local Hero meets The Sopranos. The best British rom-com / culture-clash comedy in years, - but don’t take my word for it. See this film and you’ll be smiling at strangers in the street for the rest of the day. Utterly adorable. *****


A charming and beautifully observed comedy.

Sunday Herald

St Anthony’s Day Off

Elegantly paced and constructed… a beautifully-worked comedy, full of gleeful detail.

The Scotsman

I haven’t laughed as much all year. Pure genius.

The Sunday Mail

The Weekend Starts Here

Great to see Scottish music being sexy


Haud Yer Tongue

Funny, educational and like everything else from Don Coutts’s company, Move on Up, impressively produced and directed.

The Herald

Dead Sea Reels

A quite exquisite and extremely thoughtful film, directed with his customary style by Don Coutts. It includes a performance by Ian Bannen which approaches exquisite perfection.

Scotland on Sunday

American Cousins

I was immersed in the warmth of Sergio Casci’s script and Donald Coutts’s direction. It’s a very funny, loveable charmer with a heart as soft and sweet as a Tunnock’s Tea Cake.

Independent on Sunday

A charming, charming film.

Michael Parkinson, Radio 2

Donald Coutts has captured some Bill Forsyth magic in American Cousins. A sly and self assured dramatic comedy which compares favourably with such quirky gems as “Local Hero”, “Comfort and Joy” and “Waking Ned Devine”



A very efficient chiller

BBC Scotland

St Anthony’s Day Off absolute treat

The Herald